Reusable Sanitary Pad

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Our reusable sanitary pads are an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional ones! Rinse and reuse again and again, with the peace of mind and confidence in knowing you'll be dry and leak-free for longer.

Our sanitary pads are made up of 4 different layers that enable maximum absorption and comfort. The first layer consists of a perfect blend of charcoal and bamboo fiber, providing you with maximum comfort along with the highest absorption ability. This layer is made from 100% natural ingredients that are also hypoallergenic as well as odor-resistant, keeping you feeling fresh. On top of that, there are no added chemicals either, making these pads the safest option for your female care!

The second and third layers consist of two ultra-absorbent micro-fiber layers, that will help you stay leak-free for up to 10 hours!

Finally, the last layer is a waterproof laminate that will hold any liquids until you wash your pads for reuse.

Our pads also feature popper buttons that wrap around your panties and keeps your pad in place for maximum protection.

These feminine pads come in three different sizes:

  1. Small, for lighter flows (20cm long)
  2. Medium, for regular flows (25cm long)
  3. Large, for heavier flows (30cm long)

Did you know? 5% of all sales goes towards the Clean Oceans International Charity, as an effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste floating in our oceans.

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Customer Reviews

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j'ai acheté un grand lot de grandes/petites/moyennes et un sac et je suis très contente du résultat. fonctionne très bien, facile à ranger et laver.


Was really good I used one overnight and had no issues. Came relatively quickly


I'm impressed! looks perfect, good quality, good size, and recieved in just two weeks! wow.


wow received in less than two weeks and they are great, seem prefect!


wow!! recieved in less than two weeks from order! and they are perfect! like pictures, great sizes, not too thick but not too thin either. I'm impressed! haven't used yet but will update if they work well